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A music community for those that dig deeper.

We explore the music trailblazers, cultures and stories that shape the sounds of yesterday, today, and beyond. Sign up to read, listen, watch, discover and discuss music with like-minded music people from around the world. 


From hip-hop, to funk, techno, tropicalia, jazz, and beyond; we set out to shine a light on the  heaviest stories in music. Connecting both the old and the new, we fill in the gaps. That’s not to say you won’t also discover stories on the likes of Stevie Wonder or Nina Simone here (you will!), but you’ll also find so much more.

From the greats, to the off-beat mavericks, and the scenes in-between, they all have a story to be told, and we believe telling these stories is important. 


Wax Poetics is a place where you can get lost reading, listening, watching, discovering and discussing music. A little bit like your favorite record store. But whether you’re a record head, or just starting to explore your passion for music, you’ll find something here for you. 


Working with a select group of writers and content creators, we carefully curate what we deliver across print and online. Our writers are passion driven and encyclopedic in their music knowledge, so we don’t restrain them for the sake of word count or “headline stories.” You’re looking for an article on Prince? Well we’ve done an entire issue on him. That’s the Wax Poetics way. We allow writers to go deeper, so you can discover more. 

Wax poetics
Wax poetics



THE ORIGINAL, ICONIC MUSIC JOURNAL - Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 2001, Wax Poetics was created by a group of writers and record diggers to tell the stories behind beatdigging culture. To help contextualise what people were listening to, by looking back at where the music came from and the stories behind it. It quickly grew into one of the most iconic and influential music magazines in the world.  

A MAGAZINE FOR THE HEADS - From 2001 to 2015, Wax Poetics released over sixty magazines. It developed cult status becoming the go-to home for collectors, artists, DJs, and just about anyone who wanted to uncover more about the music. It became one of the most trusted voices around. 

But in 2016, Wax Poetics stopped regular publication…until now.

VOLUME TWO - Thanks to the help of our fans, we are now back. Entering a new era, we are returning as a music journalism community where we explore and discover music old and new. Still the same quality, long-form journalism we are known for—but delivered to both your doorstep and your desktop.

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