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Present: From The Pages

Introducing “From The Pages”: a series of radio shows, curated playlists and DJ mixes from Wax Poetics. Coming to you 24/7 throughout October and November, only on Polaroid Radio.

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By Blake Gillespie

Wax Poetics, the celebrated music magazine, is happy to announce its collaboration with the iconic Polaroid brand. From The Pages is a month-long takeover of the Iris channel on Polaroid Radio featuring daily music selections handpicked by the team at Wax Poetics, flowing through genres like funk, soul, samba, jazz, and mellow 90s hip hop. Co-Founder Brian DiGenti will also be taking listeners on a sonic journey through stories featured in the iconic journal, such as ‘Journey to the One’ - a story on the late saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders and ‘Afro-Cuban Evolution,’ one of their most well-known cover stories which explore the life of latin pianist Eddie Palmieri. 

In addition to the stories told by Brian and the curated daily music selections, we are calling on our community to get involved in this partnership. Over the next month, we are asking everyone to dig deep in their record collections and create 60 minute mixes based on themes such as The Boom Bap, Dollar Finds and Soul Searching

Running from 19th October - 16th November, the public will be able to listen in on the takeover via Iris Radio on radio.polaroid.com/

POLAROID RADIO is an experimental music discovery service and a digital radio station launched by Polaroid. It is accessible through the Polaroid Music App and the web. The service offers five curated, ad-free radio stations featuring a variety of genres like R&B, jazz, funk, disco, folk, and soul music. Listeners can enjoy curated playlists in a traditional radio-style format. 

THE ORIGINAL, ICONIC MUSIC JOURNAL -– Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 2001, Wax Poetics was created by a group of writers and record diggers to tell the stories behind beatdigging culture. To help contextualize what people were listening to, by looking back at where the music came from and the stories behind it. It quickly grew into one of the most iconic and influential music magazines in the world.  From hip-hop, to funk, techno, tropicalia, jazz, and beyond;, we set out to shine a light on the  heaviest stories in music. Connecting both the old and the new, we fill in the gaps. That’s not to say you won’t also discover stories on the likes of Marvin Gaye or Nina Simone here (you will!), but you’ll also find so much more.

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