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    Music Made Us—the new show from Wax Poetics and Sonos Radio—takes listeners on an 8-stop journey across the United States, exploring how music’s influence helped shape and build the unique character of each locale.

    Discover more about the show here.

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    Calvin Klein

    In collaboration with Calvin Klein, we went in search of the next generation of music journalists to shape the contemporary music landscape.

    Find out more about the campaign here.

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    Technics need no introduction to the music world and we are very excited to be working together with such an influential brand.

    Find out more about our partnership here.

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    Qobuz will be taking over the Wax Poetics Forum—a space for music enthusiasts around the world to discover and share music together, connect with each other, and now also have access to high quality streaming audio. Together Wax Poetics and Qobuz will be able to build a new integrated experience around both quality music insight and quality music streaming.

    Discover more about our partnership here.

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    Wax Poetics and Tracklib found each other in a mutual celebration of record digging culture. With that said, Tracklib cares about the full chain of music: original artists, musicians, producers, and labels alike—everyone benefits. Royalty-fair, not royalty-free.

    Click here for a free 30 day trial.

    Discover more about our partnership with Tracklib here. 

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