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Jazz-Funk/Brit-Funk Classics and Curios, 1970-83

From Greg Wilson

published online
By Wax Poetics

Jazz-Funk/Brit-Funk Classics
Jazz-Funk/Brit-Funk Classics

A Snapshot of Jazz-Funk Classics and Curios as played on the U.K. Scene, circa 1970-1983

A reflective soundtrack of music and artists featured in Greg Wilson's overview of the British jazz-funk scene, "Wake Up the City." As they were played at the time, U.K. releases are integrated alongside U.S. ones that influenced them. Original label and year of release listed.


Al Hudson and the Soul Partners “Spread Love” (U.S. ABC) 1978

Alton Edwards “I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)” (U.K. Streetwave) 1982

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers “A Night in Tunisia” (U.S. Blue Note) 1960

Atmosfear “Dancing in Outer Space” (U.K. Elite) 1979

Average White Band “Pick Up the Pieces” (U.K. Atlantic) 1974

Azymuth “Jazz Carnival” (U.S. Milestone) 1979

Azymuth “Dear Limmertz” (U.S. Milestone) 1980

Beggar & Co “(Somebody) Help Me Out” (U.K. Ensign) 1981

Blackbyrds “Rock Creek Park” (U.S. Fantasy) 1974

Brass Construction “Changin’” (U.S. United Artists) 1975

Brass Construction “Movin’” (U.S. United Artists) 1975

Brick “Dazz” (U.S. Bang) 1976

Cameo “It’s Serious” (U.S. Chocolate City) 1977

Central Line “Walking into Sunshine” [Larry Levan Remix] (U.K. Mercury) 1981

Central Line “Wot We Got (It’s Hot)” (U.K. Mercury) 1979

Chequers “Rock On Brother” (U.K. Creole) 1975

Chick Corea “Central Park” (U.S. Polydor) 1978

Cloud “All Night Long” (U.K. Flashback) 1981

Crown Heights Affair “Dreaming a Dream” (U.S. De-Lite) 1975

Crown Heights Affair “Dancin'” (U.S. De-Lite) 1976

Cymande “The Message” (U.S. Janus) 1972

Cymande “Brothers on the Slide” (U.S. Janus) 1974

David Bendeth “Feel the Real” (Canadian Inter Global Music) 1979

David Joseph “You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)” [Larry Levan Remix] (U.S. Island) 1983

David Joseph “You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)” (U.K. Island) 1983

Donald Byrd “(Fallin’ Like) Dominoes” [Live at the Roxy] (U.S. Blue Note) 1976

Donald Byrd “Dominoes” (U.S. Blue Note) 1975

Earth, Wind & Fire “Getaway” (U.S. Columbia) 1976

Earth, Wind & Fire “Runnin’” (U.S. Columbia) 1977

Eddie Henderson “Say You Will” (U.S. Capitol Records) 1977

Eddie Henderson “Prance On” (U.S. Capitol Records) 1978

Edit Point “Help Yourself” (U.K. Earthshaker Music Co. Ltd.) 1980

Eumir Deodato “Whistle Bump” (U.S. Warner Bros.) 1978

Fatback Band “Spanish Hustle” (U.S. Event) 1975

52nd Street “Twice as Nice” (U.K. Factory) 1983

Freeez “Keep in Touch” (U.K. Calibre) 1980

Freeez “Southern Freeze” (U.K. Beggars Banquet) 1981

Funk Masters “Love Money” (U.K. Tania Music) 1980

Funkadelic “One Nation Under a Groove” (U.S. Warner Bros.) 1978

Funkapolitan “As the Time Goes By” (U.K. London) 1981

George Benson “The World Is a Ghetto” (U.S. Warner Bros.) 1977

George Benson “On Broadway” (U.S. Warner Bros.) 1978

Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson “The Bottle” (U.S. Strata-East) 1974

Grover Washington. Jr. “Knucklehead” (U.S. Kudu) 1975

Grover Washington. Jr. “Little Black Samba” (U.S. Elektra) 1981

Heatwave “Boogie Nights” (U.K. GTO) 1977

Heatwave “The Groove Line” (U.K. GTO) 1978

Herbie Hancock “Chameleon” (U.S. Columbia) 1973

Herbie Hancock “I Thought It Was You” (U.S. Columbia) 1978

Hiroshi Fukumora “Hunt Up Wind” (Japan Inner City) 1980

Hi-Tension “British Hustle” (U.K. Island) 1978

Hi-Tension “Hi-Tension” (U.K. Island) 1978

Hudson People “Trip to Your Mind” [Chris Hill and Robbie Vincent Remix] (U.K. Ensign) 1979

Hudson People “Trip to Your Mind” (U.K. Hithouse) 1979

Idris Muhammed “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This” (U.S. Kudu) 1977

I-Level “Give Me” [John Luongo Remix] (U.S. Epic) 1982

I-Level “Give Me” (U.K. Virgin) 1982

Imagination “Body Talk” (U.K. R&B) 1981

Incognito “Parisienne Girl” (U.K. Ensign) 1980

Incognito “Wake Up the City” (U.K. Ensign) 1981

Inversions “Loco-Moto” (U.K. Groove) 1981

J.A.L.N. Band “Street Dance” (U.K. Magnet) 1975

Jay W. McGee “When We Party (Uptown, Downtown)” (U.K. Ensign) 1982

John Handy “Hard Work” (U.S. ABC Impulse) 1976

Junior “Mama Used to Say” (U.K. Mercury) 1982

Kool and the Gang “Jungle Jazz” (U.S. De-Lite) 1975

Kool and the Gang “Summer Madness” (U.S. De-Lite) 1974

Level 42 “Love Meeting Love” (U.K. Elite) 1980

Light of the World “Midnight Groovin’” (U.K. Ensign) 1979

Light of the World “Swingin’” (U.K. Ensign) 1979

Linda Taylor “You and Me Just Started” (U.K. Groove Productions) 1982

Link “Intuition” (U.K. Chrysalis) 1981

Linx “You’re Lying” (U.K. Chrysalis) 1980

Lonnie Liston Smith “Expansions” (U.S. Flying Dutchman) 1975

Manu Dibango “Big Blow” (France Fiesta) 1976

Manu Dibango “Soul Makossa” (France Fiesta) 1972

Mass Production “Shanté” (U.S. Cotillion) 1980

Mass Production “Welcome to Our World (of Merry Music)” (U.S. Cotillion) 1976

Olympic Runners “Whatever It Takes” (U.S. RCA) 1978

Olympic Runners “Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is” (U.K. London) 1974

Osibisa “Music for Gong Gong” (U.K. MCA) 1971

Patrice Rushen “Haven't You Heard” (U.S. Elektra) 1979

Patrick Booth “Dance All Night” (U.K. Streetwave) 1982

Paz “AC/DC” (U.K. Spotlite) 1982

Perry Haines “What’s Funk?” (France Fetish Funk Rox) 1981

Potion “Catch the Feelin’ (Showstopper)” (U.K. Slapps & Sticks) 1981

Powerline “Journey” b/w “Double Journey” (U.K. Elite) 1981

Proton “We’re Funkin’” (U.K. Ballistic) 1980

Quando Quango “Love Tempo” [Mark Kamins Remix] (U.K. Factory) 1983

Rah Band “The Falcon” (U.K. DJM) 1980

Ray Carless “Tarantula Walk” (U.K. Ensign) 1981

Richard Jon Smith “Don’t Go Walkin’ Out that Door” (U.K. Jive) 1982

Rick Clarke “Potion” (U.K. KR promo) 1981

Rodney Franklin “The Groove” (U.S. Columbia) 1980

Ronnie Laws and Pressure “Always There” (U.S. Blue Note) 1975

Ronnie Laws “Young Child” (U.S. United Artists) 1980

Roy Ayers “Can’t You See Me?” (U.S. Polydor) 1978

Roy Ayers Ubiquity “Running Away” (U.S. Polydor) 1977

Sadao Watanabe “Samba Do Marcos” (Japan Flying Disk) 1979

Savannah “I Can’t Turn Away” (U.K. R&B) 1981

Shakatak “Feels Like the Right Time” (U.K. Polydor) 1980

Side Effect “Always There” (U.S. Fantasy) 1976

Spandau Ballet “Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)” (U.K. Reformation) 1981

Spyro Gyra “Shaker Song” (U.S. Crosseyed Bear) 1977

Stop “I Can Feel It” (U.K. Elite) 1980

Style X “No Secret Affair” (U.K. Rygel Records) 1981

Surface Noise “The Scratch” (U.K. WEA) 1980

T.W. Funk Masters “Love Money” (U.K. Champagne) 1981

The Brecker Brothers “Sneakin’ Up Behind You” (U.S. Arista) 1975

The Crusaders “Stomp and Buck Dance” (U.S. ABC Blue Thumb) 1974

The Crusaders “Street Life” (U.S. MCA) 1979

The Equals “Funky Like a Train” (U.K. Mercury) 1976

The Equals “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys” (U.K. President) 1970

The Funk Masters “It’s Over” (U.K. Master Funk) 1983

The Michael Zager Band “Music Fever” (U.S. Private Stock) 1978

The Rah Band “Falcon” (U.K. DJM) 1980

The Warriors “Destination” (U.K. Ensign) 1982

Tom Browne “Funkin' For Jamaica” (U.S. Arista GRP) 1980

Touch “Keep On” (U.K. Elite) 1982

Touchdown “Ease Your Mind” [Arthur Baker and Cosmo Wyatt Remix] (U.S. Streetwise) 1982

Touchdown “Ease Your Mind” (U.K. Record Shack) 1981

Ultrafunk featuring Mr. Superbad Freddie Mack “Kung Fu Man” (U.K. Contempo) 1974

War “The World Is a Ghetto” (Special All New Instrumental Version) (U.S. MCA) 1979

Willie Bobo “Always There” (U.S. Columbia) 1978


Greg Wilson Jazz Break Selection 1980–’83:

Al Jarreau “Spain (I Can Recall)” (U.S. Warner Bros.) 1980

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers “A Night in Tunisia” (U.S. Blue Note) 1960

Bobby McFerrin “Dance With Me” (U.S. Elektra Musician) 1982

Chick Corea “Central Park” (U.S. Polydor) 1978

Chuck Rainey “Born Again” (U.S. Hammer N’ Nails) 1981

Dava Valentin “Blackbird” (U.S. Arista GRP) 1979

Dexter Wansel “Life On Mars” (U.S. Philadelphia International) 1976

Eddie Russ “Zaius” (U.S. Monument) 1976

John Klemmer “Brazilia” (U.S. ABC) 1979

Lee Ritenour “Market Place” (U.S. Elektra) 1979

Miroslav Vitous “New York City” (U.S. Warner Brothers) 1976

Mongo Santamaria “Sambita” (U.S. Tappan Zee) 1979

Paz “AC/DC” (U.K. Spotlite) 1982

Richie Cole with Eddie Jefferson “Hi-Fly” (U.S. Muse) 1980

Richie Havens “Going Back to My Roots” (U.S. Elektra) 1980

Roy Haynes “Vistalite” (U.S. Galaxy) 1977

Studio Trieste “Malagueña” (U.S. CTI) 1982

The Jeff Lorber Fusion “The Samba” (U.S. Inner City) 1978

The Judy Roberts Band “Never Was Love” (U.S. Madonna) 1979

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